'It’s said you may walk 115,000 miles in your life.'

Feet therefore deserve comfort. And you deserve not to have to sacrifice comfort for style.

So step forward Anatomic Gel Technology®, a result of 25 years of development and research in Brazil. This unique formula – how the shoes are made plus what they’re made of – applies to every single Anatomic shoe and boot.

The key lies in the sole, which is made from a natural rubber combined with gel – a secret combination that no other shoe manufacturer uses. This creates a sole that cushions your foot and flexes with it.

This, together with Anatomic’s signature features of a silky sheepskin lining, soft tumble grain leather uppers, padded ankle supports and smooth internal seams, results in the ultimate way to keep your feet feeling pampered.

Anatomic Gel Technology® applies to every style in our Anatomic Ease, Anatomic Prime, Anatomic Wardrobe and Anatomic Weekend ranges.

We believe our shoes are the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever find. Find out more about our tailored comfort.